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What you can do with Intractive

Here's what you can achieve with our interactive content platform.
Which of these experiences do you like the best?

Virtual campus experience

Students learn about NHL Leeuwarden's beautiful campus through this remote experience. An experience that can be started on their website, but also with augmented reality cards during events and fairs.

QR code on product packaging

The Lekker Company produces sustainable personal care products. Lekker's brand story is the reason why people fall in love with the brand. Sadly, you can't print the whole story on their packaging. A QR code leading to an interactive experience solves that.

Helping students pick the right course

The University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht created experiences for 5 different study tracts. The goal was to help potential student figure out which tract fit their interests best and then invite them to the corresponding campus tour.

The best possible start of EMG's candidate experience

The largest media production house in the Netherlands, a place where no two days are the same and where, as an employee, you can develop the most beautiful programs. Here's how they showcase it all to potential new employees.

Open world campus tour

An interactive campus full of playful mini-experiences to discover TU Delft in a fun way. In this open world, potential students decide which parts of, in what order and how they experience the campus: via GPS triggers and QR codes on location, or simply from the comfort of your home.

Airport Intractive waiting games

Waiting for your flight at the gate can be very boring. But not with Intractive. In cooperation with Schiphol Airport, we created the waiting games: entertaining mini-games to start everyone's holidays off in a great mood.

Typical Dutch cheese

Beemster is one of the biggest cheese brands in the Netherlands. That's due to all the love and attention during the cheesemaking process. For the product as well as animals and the environment. Are you ready to explore the journey from grass to cheese?

Nothing beats Groningen

Groningen, a beautiful student city in the north of the Netherlands. And to showcase both its beauty and the fact it's the ideal place to study, the university created an amazing interactive campus experience.

Attracting new businesses

An experience to show businesses why Amsterdam Science Park is the perfect location to set up office. It shows the enormous potential of choosing this innovative hotspot as a base. Curious? Press play or scan the code.

Employer branding experience

Speyk is a company with an office to be envied. They do everything in their power to keep employees happy and healthy. They built this interactive experience to showcase this fact and attract new colleagues.

An interactive experience for campus recruitment

Reading long job descriptions without actually getting to know the company. Yuck. With this interactive candidate experience, you can find out whether the company values match your personal values. Only read the full vacancy when there's an actual fit.

Engaging interns and starters

Conclusion is a very inclusive and open company where everyone can be themselves. Employees are encouraged to keep developing themselves. A great environment for interns or trainees to start their careers. Check it out.

Exploring Belgium's most beautiful campus

Vives is one of those universities that go all out to create a thriving environment for their students. From sports facilities to wellness, and from healthy food to high-tech classrooms.

Every day is campus tour day in Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam created tours on location so you can explore their beautiful campuses on demand. To start it off and get potential students excited to visit the campus, they created a virtual onboarding experience. Give it a spin!

The American university experience

Webster, the only American university in the Netherlands, shows what makes them unique through this interactive experience. A cool and innovative experience used for more effective student recruitment.

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