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How Eindhoven University of Technology set up an interactive campus tour

Every year, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) welcomes a large number of new students. To recruit these students, there are of course open days. ‍Together with the TU/e, we ensured that potential students could get an enjoyable campus tour on-demand.

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Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is a research university specializing in engineering science & technology. TU/e is number one in Europe when it comes to collaboration with business. Eindhoven is a vibrant city. Located in Brainport: Europe's leading tech hub.

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Every year, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) welcomes a large number of new students.

To recruit these students, there are of course open days, but the TU/e was looking for a way to explore the campus every day of the year.

Together with the TU/e, we ensured that potential students could get an enjoyable campus tour on-demand.

In this article, we'll tell you how we did that and what the result of the collaboration were.

Collaboration between Intractive & TU/e

Together with TU/e, Intractive created an interactive campus tour. The tour is used during open days, but also turns every day into an open day.

The campus tour is a physical tour that can be started from two different locations.

The starting locations are Eindhoven's train station and the entrance to the TU/e campus.

In the experience, students are introduced to the TU/e campus, its facilities and surroundings in a unique way.

They also receive important information that gives students an idea of what it's like to study at TU/e and in the vibrant student city of Eindhoven.

Purpose of the campus tour

At TU/e, many tours are given to recruit students, but also to show the campus, its facilities and its surroundings.

It's a challenge to show them everything without overloading them with information.

The aim of this campus tour is to complement and enhance the recruitment process for new students.

Challenge: offering a compact experience

TU/e's campus is large and there is a lot of information to tell, yet it needed to provide a compact experience.

The tour must also be able to start at any time, which means you have to take into account that buildings are sometimes open and sometimes not.

The result of the collaboration

The result of the collaboration between Intractive and the Eindhoven campus is an interactive, physical campus tour of no less than 60 scenes.

Students are introduced to the campus and its surroundings, the study association, several possible activities and, of course, the city of Eindhoven.

Content elements in the tour

The experience contains various gamification and storytelling elements. Some of these elements are highlighted below.

Multiple choice questions and gamification

A well-known feature that recurs a lot in the experience. This way, users get information about the campus and the city of Eindhoven in an active way. Using gamification, such as multiple choice questions, information is remembered better and longer.

Satellite view of the campus

TU/e's campus consists of several buildings. To get a good view of each of these, the satellite view feature was used.

Routemap with satellite map

The campus tour for TU/e is a physical tour. This means that the user is on location during the tour.

To let the user travel the correct route, we used the Routemap feature.

Here the user sees the route to be followed using a satellite map.

360 view and questions per room

Getting users to experience buildings and spaces even when they were closed was a challenge.

The 360 view feature provided the ideal solution for this. It gives the user a clear view of the space and what it is for.

A question element was also added where the user can search the space for answers.

Branching out into different directions

To ensure that buildings can also be experienced outside opening hours, a new feature has been used; branching.

Branching allows users to choose a particular direction within the experience.

For instance, in this case, users can choose between two options when they are at a building:

- Yes, the building is open.
- No, give me a virtual impression.

With the first option, they continue their tour of the specific building; with the second, they are shown a 360-degree view of the building.

This allows the user to continue the experience at any time, whether the building is open or closed.

The process of creating a campus tour like this

Creating an interactive experience always involves a set number of steps.

Since TU/e chose the option to create the experience together with Intractive, we completed these steps in close consultation.

The steps are as follows:

1. Concept

2. Script

3. Location research

4. Shoot

5. production processing

6. Feedback and revision

See for yourself, try the experience

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