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Interactive storytelling as part of a 360 campaign for Beemster cheese

There’s no such thing as too much cheese. Which is why we were very happy when Beemster approached us for a second collaboration. The result of a previous project with Beemster was nominated for a marketing award and this year Beemster are determined to bring it home. This time, their wish was to incorporate an interactive story as part of a comprehensive 360 campaign around discovering your ‘cheese moment’.

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Beemster cheese, renowned for its rich history and superior quality, sought to deepen consumer engagement and enhance brand recall through interactive storytelling. Following a successful initial collaboration, Beemster once again chose our platform for their marketing strategy, this time to integrate an interactive story into their wider 360 campaign. The core message of this campaign was "Discover Your Cheese Moment," inviting consumers to explore the unique experiences Beemster cheese offers.


The requirements for this project were as follows:

  • To create an engaging, gamified storytelling experience that resonated with Beemster's audience.
  • To incorporate elements of Beemster's campaign video into the interactive story, ensuring a cohesive brand narrative.
  • To drive traffic to the promotion page, encouraging participation in a contest to win a personalized cheese moment.
  • To showcase the versatility of Beemster cheese through influencer-driven content and interactive games.

The goal was to craft a story outline that not only conveyed the "Discover Your Cheese Moment" message but also incorporated elements of fun and gamification. The result was a storyline with four distinct branches, or "cheese moments," each designed to offer a unique interactive experience.

Story and game creation

Each branch of the story was developed to include:

Cheese-related games: These custom-designed games were central to the gamification strategy, aiming to educate consumers about Beemster cheese in a fun and engaging manner.

Influencer inspiration videos: To add authenticity and relatability, each branch featured videos from influencers, sharing their personal Beemster cheese moments.

Custom animated menus: To ensure a seamless user experience, custom animated menus guided users through the story, enhancing the overall aesthetic and narrative flow.

A pivotal aspect of the campaign was the integration of segments from Beemster's campaign video, which helped maintain brand consistency across different mediums. The main call to action, urging users to visit the promotion page for a chance to win their own cheese moment, is strategically placed throughout the interactive story to maximize engagement and participation rates.


The story was implemented through the following channels:

  • E-mail to fanbase
  • Several magazines, with the use of an AR projection
  • In supermarkets, with a QR code on fridge doors

The story was seen 1350 times, with one third of scans originating from a grocery magazine using AR projection. Visitors spent an average of 8 minutes exploring the cheese moments. 

Magazine ad with augmented reality (scan to view)

Results and Impact

The interactive storytelling campaign achieved remarkable success, evidenced by:

  • Gamification elements and influencer videos significantly increased user engagement and time spent on the platform.
  • Consistent call to action successfully drove considerable traffic to the promotion page, resulting in a high number of contest entries.

The collaboration between our interactive storytelling platform and Beemster cheese exemplifies the potential of integrating gamification and interactive content into marketing strategies. By offering an engaging and memorable brand experience, Beemster not only reinforced its market position but also set a benchmark for future digital marketing campaigns. Let’s us get back to you about that award! 

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