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It's our mission to bring your story to life

We're passionate about changing the way organizations engage in storytelling.

The average attention span of Millennials is 12 seconds. That of Gen Z? 8 seconds. These generations spend multiple hours each day consuming fast, flashy and snappy social media content. At the same time, these generations make more value-driven decisions than any before them.

These people care more about things like quality and meaning. They value issues like sustainability. There's a gap between their short attention span and investigating whether the values of an organization match their personal values.

The key to getting their attention is bridging that gap. We want to help the organizations with the best stories to win by bringing those stories to life.

Why we created Intractive?

We created our interactive content platform to enable anybody to create interactive stories. Together we hope to maximize our collective positive impact.

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Introducing our A-team

The true power of Intractive lies in the people making it work.

Roos Eversdijk
Creative Project Manager

An absolute pro when it comes to planning and communication. Armed with copywriting, photoshop and video editing skills, she's a true creative jack-of-all-trades.

Nick Leeftink

Transforming concepts into experiences of the highest possible quality is where his passion lies. Keeping an overview and remaining calm - even in the most difficult situations - is his superpower.

Oscar Wientjes
Account Executive

Give him the chance and he'll happily tell you about all the wonderful information circulating in his head. You can listen to Oscar for hours, but he can also always help you out using his sharp listening skills.

Kim Benjamins
XR Developer

An amazing talent who implements the latest technologies in our builder without batting an eyelid. If you can create a wow-effect, it's probably thanks to her.

Boy van der Laak

If you think it, he can program it. That's his motto. No is not an option, at most tweaking to reach the end goal. A self-trained full stack programmer who has felt most comfortable in code since the age of 12.

Luuk Koedam

Problems don't exist, there are only concepts. Bursting with ideas, creativity and an interactive solution for every problem. A real thinker who believes you can gamify anything.

Gwen de Ruiter
Content Producer

Give her a to-do list and before you've written down the last item, the rest has been fixed. A real organizer, who can really get anything done with her personal charms and stress resistance.

Aimée Frieden
Market Researcher

Exploring new markets is her job, making the impossible feasible based on solid research is her main strength. Thanks to her, we keep discovering new opportunities, again and again.

CCO (Chief Cuddle Officer)

Do you need a hug? Mochi will come to you without needing a word. Our mascot, support, and companion in good and bad times. She wins the employee of the month award every month.

We're hiring!

We're always on the lookout for smart and talented people. Join us!

Don’t take our word for it

Here’s what our happy customers have to say.

"We started with one interactive content experience to test if it would suit our vitality programs. The result was amazing! Currently, we have a complete platform of interactive experiences that we deploy in all our programs."

Frans van Leeuwen

Co-founder, Energy Platform

"Through Intractive's vision, our tour ended up being nothing like we thought it would. Thank goodness! The end result is different from our initial idea, but it matches our goals perfectly. Saying we're happy to work with Intractive would be an understatement."

Annemieke Wright

Marketing & Communication Advisor, NHL Stenden

"We had very pleasant collaboaration with Intractive to create virtual experiences that lets studentes get acquainted with the RUG. We had a hard deadline, but we made it – with top results! International students really love it."

Samantha Jansen

Student Information & Events, University of Groningen (RUG)

"It immediately became clear the team at Intractive knew what they were doing. Even the process was an interactive experience. The final product exceeds all expectations. Here's to another collaboration!"

Alex Jansen

Project Leader, Vitality Lab Utrecht

 "Our entire story won't fit on our product's packaging, but it's the reason why customers become fans of our brand. We created a QR-experience that offers the perfect solution. It was also really fun to build it, together with Intractive."

Dewi van de Water

Founder, The Lekker Company

 "I worked with Intractive for several projects. What I really appreciate as a customer is the proactive and flexible attitude of their team. They like to think along for creative solutions that also suit our situation well. With this support, they show they're ready to go the extra mile for their customers."

Tessa Langedijk

Marketing & Communication Consultant, Hogeschool Utrecht

"We developed the Happy Wealthy platform using Intractive's technology. We're proud of the result which will fully roll out to our customers in 2023. Next, we're expanding the platform and continuing this successful collaboration."

Jacqueline Rosbergen

Senior Customer Coördinator, AON

"At breakneck speeds, we managed to create three interactive campus tours with Intractive. They have the experience and expertise in this field, which gives us a lot of confidence. They helped us out with their creativity and really think in possibilities." 

Lisa Maier

Creative Strategist, University of Amsterdam

"We worked hard on an interactive experience for the Amsterdam Science Park. We are extremely enthusiastic about the collaboration and the result. Intractive is super professional and skilled at what they do. Their modular technology is very impressive. We love how we can update the experience whenever we want.“

Sanne van Hees

Communication Manager, Amsterdam Science Park

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