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FTE groep

Candidates find their way to FTE through an interactive story ending with the perfect call to action

The war for talent is impacting companies worldwide, and FTE is no exception. Realizing they needed a new way to tell their story, FTE turned to Intractive. The result? A virtual tour through the company with evidently a very strong call to action.

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FTE Groep is a consultancy group operating on a broad spectrum. Together with customers, their Business Improvers aim towards finding the best possible solution.

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FTE is a consultancy group operating on a very broad spectrum, with a hard hitting tagline: “We make ambition come true.” How? By being the very best to work with and to work for. They are driven to deliver more than expected, investigate new opportunities to improve their clients' business and encourage the development of FTE employees. They know this, their current employees know this, clients know this. The challenge: to get the rest of the world to know this.

A unique virtual tour

A competitive labour market calls for a strategy that stands out. That is why FTE chose to tell their story in a way that appeals specifically to their target audience. In other words: short, snappy content in a mobile first format.

Together with FTE we came up with the story we wanted to tell: an interactive tour through the company highlighting all the various perks and special focus on the FTE Clubhouse. An enthusiastic group of people tied it all together.

Vivian, Manager of Operations at FTE: "When people come into our office, they immediately understand our culture. Then they are actually already convinced that they want to come and work here. Our question was: how can we offer the candidate that experience earlier in the process? Intractive is the answer. In our interactive story, you can see the culture, the office, a piece of atmosphere and meet the people. Even before you've ever been to the office."

Personalized story through branching

The goal of the interactive story was to attract new consultants. To achieve this goal, the story allows people to get to know the inner workings, culture and people of FTE. An integral part of the story is the personalization option, where candidates can choose who they'd like to hear from about their work.

Implementation is key

An int(e)ractive story without implementation is like planting seeds without watering them. And FTE understood the assignment. 

There are several rules of success that can make or break an interactive story. One of which is ending with a powerful call to action. FTE was quick to follow our advice for a personal approach and redirect users to a Calendly-link. Allowing potential candidates to effortlessly schedule a quick and call with a consultant, free of obligation. With great success: FTE has scheduled multiple calls since going live.

Vivan: "For us, Intractive was a very logical addition to our rebranding strategy. The missing piece, really. We have seen great succes with rewriting our job postings and adding the interactive story to this as well. The combination of better copywriting, titles and the story has led to people recognizing themselves in the job description. More specifically, we just hired our very first employee that has seen the entire interactive story, scheduled a call via de integrated Calendly link. So that is a very cool outcome."

AR postcard

An integral part of FTE’s implementation strategy is a custom AR postcard featuring the presenter of the story. Upon scanning the QR code on the postcard, presenter Jelmer comes to live to welcome users to the story. The AR feature has been a great success at several fairs.

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