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Intractive x Schiphol

Easing the wait at Schiphol with The Waiting Games - and a doggo

A barter deal with Schiphol presented us with the chance to advertise on every screen around the gates. The result: The Waiting Games - a series of interactive games showcasing the full potential of Intractive.

Time spent

9 min

Amount of views


Engagement rate

88 %


The collaboration with Schiphol is part of a barter deal. Contrary to our usual projects, this was a marketing effort for our own purposes as well as a way to show what our technology could do for Schiphol. The deal compromised all digital screens surrounding the gates.

Watch story

It all started with an amazing opportunity: a barter deal with Schiphol. Our part of the deal? The chance to advertise on all digital screens surrounding the gates at Schiphol. It was the perfect opportunity to show what Intractive can do. And prove that our technology is worth their while. 

Right from the start, we knew the interactive story had to check at least three boxes. 1) It had to be a travel inspired game. 2) It had to look and feel completely like Intractive. 3) Mochi, our part-time office dog, had to be the star.

The creation of the Waiting Games

The Waiting Games are meant to ease the waiting time of travelers waiting at the gates. Scanning the QR code triggers a short but sweet video to introduce the games and our star. Followed by a menu with a choice of three different games: a Music Quiz (audio fragments and questions), Matching the World (matching pairs game) and Where is Mochi (a 360 VR location guessing game). Each game can be completed in about 5 minutes.

The interactive story showcases the power of our various contentblocks, personalization options and layout features. Of course, we included a call to action at the end to invite users to get to know more about Intractive.

A great success

Within two weeks, we generated 2.800 scans, with an engagement rate of 90 percent and an average screen time of 9 minutes. In other words: Schiphol was impressed and the experiment therefore successful. They will now be using our technology for other campaigns. 

See for yourself, try the experience

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