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An interactive microlearning platform to teach AON’s customers about financial health

Together with Intractive, AON developed the Happy Wealthy Platform: an educational platform intended to teach clients in a playful and accessible way to become financially fit.

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AON is an insurance and risk, retirement and health solutions advisor. They help their clients achieve their goals more easily by letting them take risks responsibly.

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AON started out as a traditional insurance company. But in recent years, the company has transitioned to a role as an advisory company that helps clients make better decisions. With a new direction also comes a new approach and new technology. That's why AON developed the Happy Wealthy Platform together with Intractive.

Getting financially fit through gamification

The Happy Wealthy Platform is an educational platform intended to teach clients in a playful and accessible way to become financially fit. Because, people who are financially fit experience less stress. 

Full exploitation of potential

The platform consists of multiple learning lines, each containing several so-called microlearnings about handling money, making sustainable financial choices and retirement. These microlearnings are built from short videos and gamification elements such as multiple choice questions and polls. A knowledge database is also part of the platform. This contains a wealth of articles, conveniently categorized, with background information, podcast tips and more. AON's Happy Wealthy Platform is therefore a great example of everything our storytelling tool has to offer.

The three learning lines can be completed in any order. In addition, it is possible to exit a learning line early and complete it at a later time. Your progress is saved so that when you scan the QR code again, you don't have to start from scratch. 

Building out the platform independently with additional features

Intractive was involved in the creation of this pilot from start to finish. We developed the script, were responsible for the production and advised AON on the implementation of the platform. AON: "We see Intractive as a partner who thinks along in strategy and execution and has the knowledge to make the project successful."

After a very successful pilot, we are now investigating with AON the possibility of expanding the platform further with, among other things, an option to attend live webinars. In this way, it can grow into an essential and indispensable part of AON’s services.

The further expansion, implementation and maintenance of the microlearning platform AON can do independently thanks to ongoing, extensive training and experience gained during the pilot.

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