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TU Eindhoven

Discovering Eindhoven University of Technology any time of day with an interactive campus tour

Every year, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) welcomes a large number of new students. Before making the choice to study here, most students want to explore the campus first. TU/e was looking to offer students a way to explore the campus every day of the year. The answer: an on demand interactive campus tour with gamification elements.

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Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is a research university specializing in engineering science & technology. TU/e is number one in Europe when it comes to collaboration with business. Eindhoven is a vibrant city. Located in Brainport: Europe's leading tech hub.

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Before making the choice to study at any university, most students want to explore the campus first. Which traditionally happens during open days. TU/e was looking to offer students a way to explore the campus in an engaging way, every day of the year, even from remote locations. The answer: an on demand interactive campus tour with gamification elements.

On demand access to an open day experience

Together with TU/e, Intractive created a virtual on demand tour that can turn any day into an open day. The aim of this campus tour is to complement and enhance the recruitment process for new students. During the tour, students are introduced to the TU/e campus, its facilities and surroundings in a unique way. And most importantly: at their own pace. They also receive important information that gives students an idea of what it's like to study at TU/e and in the vibrant student city of Eindhoven.

The interactive tour can be started by clicking on a link or scanning a QR-code. Viewers are presented with an open world view of the campus and each significant building marked with a pin. By clicking on the pins, viewers can initiate a mini-story about the faculty, accommodations or landmarks on campus.

Pins highlighting significant faculties, accomodations and other landmarks.

Unique features of the interactive tour

Interactive tours are a unique application of the Intractive tool. This tour uses the following features:‍

Multiple choice questions and gamification

In the tour, information blocks and video’s are interspersed with gamification elements such as multiple choice questions are a great way to get users to interact with the information provided. This interaction causes information to be remembered better and longer.

Satellite view of the campus

TU/e's campus consists of several buildings. The satellite view feature provides a convenient overview of these.

360 view and questions per room

Getting users to experience buildings and spaces even when they were closed was a specific challenge of this project. Our 360 VR feature provided the perfect solution. By including 360 images of buildings and spaces, we were able to let users experience it without actually being there. ‍

Branching out into different directions

Another feature that contributed to the challenge of varying opening times is branching. This features makes it possible for users to follow a different path within the interactive story based on the choice they make. In this case, we simply asked users: “Is the building open?”, where a ‘no’ leads to a virtual 360 impression of the building.

This ensures that the tour is always accessible, regardless which buildings are accessible at that time.

Cooperation from start to finish

Intractive was involved with the creation of the tour from start to finish. Meaning we created the script in cooperation with TU/e, did location research, provided guidance during the shooting day, built the interactive story from content blocks and advised on implementation.

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