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Lentiz | LIFE College

Introducing potential vmbo and MBO students to LIFE College with a virtual interactive tour.

Introducing both vmbo (pre-vocational) and MBO (vocational) college seekers to LIFE College with a virtual interactive tour.

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Lentiz educational group consists of eight schools for secondary education (vmbo, havo, vwo) and six schools for intermediate vocational education (mbo). Over 7800 pupils and students attend education at Lentiz.

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Lentiz LIFE College is a bit different from other schools. Here, both vmbo (pre-university) and MBO (vocational) students find themselves studying in the same building. Therefore, we were tasked with creating a virtual tour that introduces both these target audiences to the school and its curriculum.

The tour is meant to offer prospective students a way to get a feeling for the school, without having visited an open day. On open days itself, the interactive experience allows students to get to know parts of the school that would normally stay hidden.

With Kyanna and Jah-Lisa as a guide for the vwo experience and Manouck for the mbo perspective, this virtual tour provides an authentic glimpse into the school, its students, and the opportunities it presents. Prospective students get to explore the school, meet the student body, and learn about the various offerings available. 

A strong example of proper implementation

A beautiful product is nothing if it doesn’t reach its audience. LIFE College took this very seriously. Through a media mix of offline and online communication, the interactive experience is brought to the attention of both students and teachers. Examples of effective offline communication are a roll-up banner for open days and education fairs, a deck of cards and a flyer, the design of which can be seen below. All of which feature a QR code for easy access to the tour.

Moreover, the experience is featured on the homepage of the websites for both vmbo and mbo students through the specially designed Intractive website integration. 

Elsbeth Bouwhuis: "We are excited about deploying Intractive! Great fun to let our students and students see their school for themselves through this interactive app. Intractive did a great job helping us set up all the scenes. Highly recommended!"

Features in this story

  • Video | In short video’s the hosts introduce prospective students to the school, some of it’s usp’s, the classrooms, their own courses and other students.
  • Branching | Branching allows for vmbo and mbo to have their own paths through the experience. Furthermore, it allows students to choose which particular course they would like to know more about.
  • 360 VR | Through immersive360 images, students can have look around the auditorium and study plaza without ever leaving their home.
  • Gamification elements | Through questions and riddles, prospective students are challenged and engaged.

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