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Introducing the ASML campus through interactive storytelling 

As a company, ASML required little to no introduction. But what ASML has to offer its employees - Life at ASML, in their own words - is not as well known. Seeking to attract a diverse interactional workforce, the microchip leader turned to Intractive to share their unique company with the world in a new and innovative way.

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ASML is an innovation leader in the semiconductor industry. The company enables groundbreaking technology to solve some of society's toughest challenges. ASML provides chipmakers with everything they need – hardware, software and services – to mass produce patterns on silicon through lithography.

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The ASML campus: a world of its own

ASML’s campus is more than just an office space; it's a miniature city equipped with everything an employee might need. From multiple food courts and sports facilities to a hairdresser and childcare services, the campus is designed to cater to all aspects of work-life balance. This extensive range of amenities supports a thriving workplace environment that forms a perfect starting point for employer branding efforts.

Collaboration on scripting phase

While the company asked us to assist them in the creation of the interactive story, ASML’s creative team took the lead. They started our strong by crafting a detailed script that included multiple branches, allowing prospective employees to explore various narratives and outcomes. Utilizing the visual collaboration tool Miro, the team was able to organize their thoughts and ideas effectively, ensuring a smooth workflow and continuous alignment between ASML and our storytelling experts.

Intractive’s role was crucial in fine-tuning this script, advising on the optimal blend of interaction, video content, and gamification. This blend was particularly important to maintain engagement and provide an immersive experience that reflects ASML’s innovative ethos.

Interactive story highlights

The interactive story is structured around three main areas: campus services, sports facilities, and the diverse plazas that make up an important part of the campus. Each segment is designed to showcase the extensive facilities and the vibrant community culture at ASML. The narrative branches conclude with various calls to action, directing users to appropriate channels for further engagement, be it job applications, more information, or direct contact with recruitment teams.

Feedback and Future Ambitions

Recognizing this first launch as a pilot, ASML expressed interest in implemented a system to collect user feedback, demonstrating their commitment to continuous improvement and user satisfaction. The feedback is gathered through an open feedback form at the very end of the interactive story. This input will be instrumental in refining the approach and scaling the project. The ultimate goal is to develop this interactive story into a comprehensive campus app, ensuring that the experience is not only beneficial for recruitment but also enhances the integration and retention of new employees.

Features in this story

  • Branching: for this interactive story, the branching option facilitates begin able to tell different stories about ASML. Users can choose which topics interest them and which don’t and view them in whichever order they want - or not at all. Branching is also applied to slightly personalize the experience on a more subtle level, for instance by asking visitors what is their favorite snack. Follow up content is afgestemd on the answer given.
  • Virtual reality: various 360 virtual reality scenes let users explore the campus and plazas at their leisure.
  • Gamification: users are encouraged to learn about different aspects of the campus through various multiple choice question and true/false statements. Having to interact with the content helps to involve users in the ASML story.
  • Hotspot media: we applied this feature to create custom animated menu’s that are completely in line with the ASML brandguide.
  • Feedback option: ASML was looking to learn from this first project in order to better execute future projects. To that end, we included an open ended question block at the end of the story, requesting feedback from users.

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