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Leveraging the possibilities of package communication on Optimel products with an interactive app

Optimel turned to Intractive to leverage the QR code on its packaging and create a meaningful interaction with its consumers.

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Like most brands, Optimel products feature a QR code on the packaging to provide consumers with additional information. However, more often than not, these QR codes simply link to a website filled with uninspiring pages of text. This method often fails to capture attention and build brand loyalty. That is why Optimel turned to Intractive to leverage its packaging and create a meaningful interaction with its consumers.

Optimel lacked a strategy for the QR code on its packaging. With a potentially huge reach, it is a real shame not to harness the power of the packaging QR code.

From boring website to interactive app

Our primary focus was to enhance the communication of the packaging, with a particular emphasis on product branding. Rather than simply directing users to a website or providing basic product details, Optimel wanted to create an interactive journey that would engage and delight their audience. Optimel also wanted to place more emphasis on recipes using Optimel products and communicate seasonal promotions.

Optimel chose Intractive for its ability to easily change the content of the app as needed. This ensures that the app is always fresh and relevant.


Optimel offers a wide variety of flavors that are particularly suitable for use in cooking, baking and breakfast dishes. A section of the app is dedicated to these recipes and links to the recipes on the website. This way, when recipes are added, they are automatically accessible through the QR code. It is also easy to add or remove recipe categories.

Seasonal promotions

The 'branching' option of our tool allows clients to add or disable different branches of the story at any time. In the case of Optimel, this allowed them to prominently feature a seasonal wellness promotion for a limited time. The promotion was a huge success, with more than 2,000 clicks on this branch out of 3,500 sessions in one month.

More to come

Optimel is a brand of Friesland Campina, which already tested the Intractive tool in a previous product for the Open Farmer Days. This story, about a little caterpillar, was aimed at children. The success of the pilot phase confirmed our approach, with overwhelmingly positive feedback and tangible results. Reason enough for Friesland Campina to continue working with Intractive.

The Optimel project is the first phase for this brand. In the coming months, Friesland Campina will explore the possibilities of expanding the use of interactive stories behind QR codes and introduce new storylines. One of the possible applications is deep dives into specific products.

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