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Reimagining product packaging communication with the JAN Festival

The Jan Festival is a unique take on product packaging communication, offering users a world of fun and relevant links behind one simple QR code.

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Some twenty-five years ago, Jan baked his very first pancake. Since then Jan has been producing delicious ready-made poffertjes and pancakes as well as dough for pizza and flammkuchen. With Jan every meal is a party. Jan products can be found in Dutch supermarkets.

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Together with Jan, renowned for their pre-packaged pancakes, poffertjes, and pizza dough, we revolutionized the way families interact with their brand. Jan’s vision was to evoke the nostalgic charm of games found on the back of e.g. Venz chocolate sprinkle packaging, with a modern twist. And we think we nailed it.

Welcome to the Jan Festival

The concept of the interactive story is the Jan Festival where you can enter various tents and dive into a world of fun. The festival is realized by means of a 360 VR image. When accessed via mobile phone, the user will get a 360-degree view of the festival grounds. By clicking on the various tents, users enter a world of fun and engagement. The Game Tent, for instance, contains various mini-games that are all family friendly, fostering engagement and interaction during meal times. Another tent gives access to fun download links and yet another contains inspirational video’s and recipe’s to make your own pizza.

Games in this story

  • The Lost Toppings: find-it game in VR.
  • Poffer Parade: video in which poffertjes appear and disappear and users have to pay attention to what’s happening.
  • Pubquiz: a series of questions and answers that can be played individually or in teams.

A unique take on leveraging product packaging

We firmly believe that you’ll be hard pressed to find a QR code on packing that leads to something as fun as the Jan interactive story. Jan has truly pushed the boundaries of what a simple QR code can be.

Seamless integration of the Jan brand

Jan features a meticulously designed brand identity. The interactive story adopts this distinctive JAN look and feel, ensuring brand consistency and familiarity for users from the color palette to the typography and icons.

Customizability options

One of the standout features is the ability for JAN Poffertjes to add or remove different parts of the interactive story as desired. For example, they can incorporate monthly serving suggestions or update content based on seasonal promotions, to keep content relevant and refreshing. This simply requires deactivating one of the branches or substituting an image and text.

Features used in this story

  • Interactive, immersive 360 image crafted with the help of AI.
  • Intricate branching, allowing users to follow their own path.
  • Personalization: users are asked to provide a team name which is referred back to throughout the experience
Snapshot taken from JAN website

See for yourself, try the experience

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