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Building an employer branding strategy in 3 simple steps

Published on
July 7, 2023

Roos Eversdijk

Creative Project Manager

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What is an employer branding strategy in the first place?

An employer branding strategy allows companies to control and positively change the narrative surrounding their brand. In other words, an employer brand is a documentation of your mission and values. It is about strengthening your reputation, similar to marketing of a brand. Unjustified branding of your employer brand is a surefire way to lose employees very fast.

Employer branding helps organizations focus on how they can identify themselves in the marketplace as employers.

Read more about employer branding in this article.

3 simple steps to create a solid employer branding strategy

There’s no reason to wait. Here are three simple steps to create a solid employer branding strategy. 

1. Define your brand identity

Identify your company's core values, mission, and unique selling points.

If you haven’t done this yet, this is where to start. It may surprise you how the definition of these terms differs per person. Getting everyone on the same page can be harder than you think.

Craft a clear and compelling employer brand message that resonates with your target audience.

In this case, your audience are as much potential as current employees. Draft the message in a relatable tone of voice and test it with your actual employees.

Substantiate your brand identity with real examples of how your company embodies these values.

In other words: provide proof. Talk is cheap, but actions speak louder than words. Don’t have the examples yet? Either don’t make the claim or make it your priority to collect them as soon as possible.

2. Understand your audience

Research and define the demographics and characteristics of your ideal employees.

Who do you want to work at your company?

Identify their preferences, expectations, and motivations when considering job opportunities.

What can you find out about what they want from you? This will greatly depend on various factors such as the generation you are intending to hire from.

Tailor your employer brand strategy to align with what your target audience values in a workplace.

Instead of trying to find candidates that share your specific vision, be flexible and adapt to what potential candidates want.

3. Create and implement your strategy

Once you have your foundation set up, develop a comprehensive plan for showcasing your employer brand across various platforms.

Use social media, career websites and visual content to communicate your brand's essence.

Start creating new content that will resonate with your intended audience. Update your careers page, reinvent your social media strategy, and make videos that showcase your company culture. Incorporate consistent messaging and visuals that reflect your brand identity. Creating unique content that suits your audience will enhance how you convey your message. This is where Intractive can help you.

Try adding interactive content experiences to your employer branding strategies

Intractive is a great way to create unique content for those that don’t shy away from the latest technology. Our interactive storytelling tool can be a valuable addition to your employer brand strategy. It allows you to tell your story in a way that feels like social media, gives you full creative freedom and enables you to create a personalized experience for your audience.

In other words: a unique addition to your employer branding strategy that can give you just the competitive advantage you need.

Curious to see what it can do for you? Trying it out is easy! Click here to get started.

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