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The power of Intractive analytics

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Roos Eversdijk

Creative Project Manager

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An important benefit of interactive (digital) storytelling? It opens up the possibility of gathering valuable data on those interactions. And even though we really don’t need to tell you this: knowledge is power. The analytics dashboard is not only pleasing to the eye, it also tells you exactly what you want to know about the performance of your story.

In this article we’ll discuss the most important and most powerful insights. 

Intractive’s most powerful insights

Project wide, story specific or link-specific insights

Whether you have an entire platform in place or only a single story, analytics can be viewed on each level. More importantly, data is registered per generated link. Imagine you want to send out a newsletter with a link to your story. Simple generate a link and label it ‘Newsletter’. Use the link only for this purpose and you can now track - among other things - how often your story was viewed.

Sessions: from monthly to hour specific

Our builder keeps track of every session, down to the hour. This allows you to see for instance how your story does during and in the days after an event. It may also tell you what is the most popular time for people to interact with your story.

Channels (inbound and outbound)

The top inbound channels overview tells your which of your links a performing best. The top outbounds section keeps track of any redirects or clicks from the story to an external webpage. Let’s say you created a product branding story and end it with a call to action giving users the choice to “Register for the newsletter” or “Sign up for the ocean protection program”. Top outbound channels will tell you which of these options is more popular.

Completion data

Our completion graph reveals how far engaged visitors got into the story, and how many reached the end. The data you can expect to see here depends on your communication purposes and the length of your story, but ideally it should be 10 percent. Or more, of course.

Bounce rate per content block

The section Top bouncing content blocks shows the scenes where visitors stopped the story most often. You can click on a scene to open it in the scenario editor. Irregularities in this overview may suggest specific content to be too long, not interesting enough or indicate an error.

Insights per question (answers and data)

Possibly one of the most valuable insights our tool offers. This allows you to see the data per content block. This feature is especially interesting for specific content blocks. For branche choice, for instance, it can be interesting to see which choice is more popular. With polls this makes it possible to directly gauge interest or knowledge.


If you choose to leverage the full gamification experience, it is possible to assign points to certain questions. Scores are also kept in the analytics dashboard. This may not necessarily be valuable information business wise, but it does create possibilities for competition and contests.

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