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What is augmented reality?

Published on
May 30, 2023

Jules Winckers

Marketing Maestro

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Introduction on augmented reality

VR, AR, augmented reality or virtual reality. They are words you hear more and more often. Some call it the technology of the future, while most still know little about it. In short, augmented reality is a technology where you enrich the physical world with digital information. In fact, the translation says it all: augmented reality.

In this blog, we will explain what augmented reality is and where it differs from virtual reality and mixed reality. Furthermore, we will tell you what the advantages of augmented reality are and how it can be used.

Augmented reality (AR) is the image of a real world to which digital elements have been added

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR). We mentioned them in the intro. But what exactly is the difference between these three?

Augmented reality

In augmented reality, you use a real world and supplement it with digital elements. A great example is when you have an empty room and want to decorate it. You can then take a video or photo with your phone. Using AR, you then add virtual furniture to the video or photo. This gives you an idea of what the room could look like and decorated. So with AR, you often use your phone or tablet.

Virtual reality

There is a difference with virtual reality, as you often use special VR glasses. This is necessary because with virtual reality, you are in an alternative world. With AR, the world in which the user moves remains the real world and only digital elements are added.

Mixed reality

The difference between AR and VR is easy to spot. The difference between augmented reality and mixed reality is slightly more obscure. In mixed reality, the user does still move in the real world, just like in augmented reality. In mixed reality, however, it is possible to interact with the virtual elements that have been added.

What are the advantages of augmented reality?

The most obvious advantage of augmented reality over virtual reality is that you don't need VR glasses. With AR, your phone or tablet is enough. Since not everyone has VR glasses lying around in their cupboard at home, this is very handy!

Furthermore, we have listed a few more advantages of augmented reality:


As we already wrote: With AR, the user only needs a smartphone. Also, AR elements are often very self-explanatory, making AR very user-friendly.


AR can be used for onboarding and speed up the onboarding process of new employees. Using virtual experiences with AR elements, new employees can easily and quickly master business processes.


With AR, you can make processes more fun and exciting. AR has a WOW factor and creates an unforgettable experience. It gives you the chance to reach your customers or employees in an interactive way. This way, you can tell your story more powerfully and you will impress users.


Augmented Reality is a new technology that is developing rapidly. By using this technology in your business processes, you give users something new and exciting. Organisations want to show that they are moving with the times. They can express this perfectly with AR. Your customers or employees will feel that you are innovating. This builds trust and creates more appreciation.

What can you use augmented reality for?

Augmented reality is a technology that has not been around for very long. Yet there are already many ways to apply it. Today, it is mainly used to improve existing processes. Here are some examples.

AR games

Perhaps the best-known application of AR is for games. Pokémon Go is a great example of this. But so nowadays there are a large number of games that use AR. The player is in the real world, but fights virtual zombies or aliens, for example.

Pokémon Go

Augmented Reality in the customer experience

Augmented reality is increasingly used to improve the customer experience. Throughout the customer journey, augmented reality can be an effective addition. Consider buying sunglasses. When the customer is in the shop and can find themselves in a sunny spot using AR, it gives a WOW effect.

But a customer can also try on virtual sunglasses at home using AR and see how they would look on him or her. Customers can even walk through a physical shop online to still get the shopping experience they are used to at home.

You can introduce potential customers to your organisation or product in a unique way. Use augmented reality creatively in your marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness.

AR for recruitment and employer branding

You wouldn't think it, but AR also strengthens recruitment and employer branding processes. With AR, you give new employees an impressive and flying start. You make onboarding just that little bit more special. This way, you give your new employees, including those from a distance, an experience they will not forget.

Augmented reality can also help make recruitment and selection more efficient: finding the right candidates can cost a lot of time and money. Finding the right match is not always easy, but AR can help with this. You can use AR to place candidates in an environment that is a simulation of the workplace. Here you can immediately see how someone reacts to certain situations or what their qualities are. This way, the less suitable candidates drop out sooner, saving you a lot of time and money.

Furthermore, AR can also be used to improve your employer branding. Think of training current employees for certain processes. You can also clarify your brand story, mission and vision to both new and current employees in a unique way.


Augmented reality, AR for short, is a term you hear more and more often. It is a new technology that is rapidly being used to improve processes. With AR, the user is in the real world to which digital elements have been added.

Augmented reality technology is user-friendly, efficient, interactive and innovative. This allows it to be used in creating unique games such as Pokémon GO. It is also used today throughout the customer journey. Customers interact with a product in a unique way using AR. Furthermore, AR is an effective tool to use in recruitment or employer branding processes.

At Intractive, we believe in the power of augmented reality. That is why we use this technology when creating our virtual experiences. This sets us apart from the older generation of virtual tours. AR creates the WOW effect during our experiences.

These experiences are the perfect way to tell your story in a unique way. They can be used to improve your employer branding or to recruit students. Want to know more about our AR-filled experiences? Just book a demo.

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