Student journey

Elevate the student journey with interactive stories

Used by universities like

Used by universities like

Guide students through their entire journey  

Streamline the student journey with interactive stories at every touchpoint. Simplify the understanding of crucial steps and build a meaningful connection with prospective students. From orientation to admission and even up to the first day at school.

Provide in depth course introductions

Guide prospective students to choose the right study programme. Allow them to easily navigate different branches to learn about things like skills they will acquire, internship possibilities and view student testimonials.

Create campus tours full of interactivity

Let students explore your campus independently with an interactive tour.

Virtual Tour

A sneak peak for the best first  impression

Location based

Make it possible to explore the campus every day

Open World

Create an interactive campus map

Use a communication format with proven effectiveness


average user engagement

5 min

average user attention


of entry points covered

Reach students anywhere


Easily embed stories on your website


Implement in all organic and paid social campaigns


Use stories at recruitment events through QR code

Try some examples

Linear virtual campus tour

NHL has a stunning campus in the northern Netherlands. To attract more students, they highlight their unique location and education style through a virtual campus tour.

Open world campus

The Technical University of Eindhoven allows prospective students to explore their campus remotely through an open-world interactive map. Additionally, they've developed two location-based tours for on-site information events.

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The first step in finding the right fit

Zadkine comprises nine colleges, and they've crafted an interactive story to introduce potential students to these options. This serves as the initial step in helping students explore Zadkine and kickstart their student journey effectively.

Attracting students world wide

Webster University Leiden is actively promoting its education programs at events worldwide. They have crafted an augmented reality card with a compelling story, aiming to make a lasting and impressive first impression.

The school of your Life

This is no ordinary school; Life College is the school of your life. This story highlights the unique selling points (USPs) and the location, aiming to persuade potential students to attend an information event.

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Hear what other universities have to say

Here’s what our happy customers have to say.

"Through Intractive's vision, our tour ended up being nothing like we thought it would. Thank goodness! The end result is different from our initial idea, but it matches our goals perfectly. Saying we're happy to work with Intractive would be an understatement."

Annemieke Wright

Marketing & Communication Advisor, NHL Stenden

"We had very pleasant collaboaration with Intractive to create virtual experiences that lets studentes get acquainted with the RUG. We had a hard deadline, but we made it – with top results! International students really love it."

Samantha Jansen

Student Information & Events, University of Groningen (RUG)

"It immediately became clear the team at Intractive knew what they were doing. Even the process was an interactive experience. The final product exceeds all expectations. Here's to another collaboration!"

Alex Jansen

Project Leader, ROC Midden-nederland

 "I worked with Intractive for several projects. What I really appreciate as a customer is the proactive and flexible attitude of their team. They like to think along for creative solutions that also suit our situation well. With this support, they show they're ready to go the extra mile for their customers."

Tessa Langedijk

Marketing & Communication Consultant, Hogeschool Utrecht

"At breakneck speeds, we managed to create three interactive campus tours with Intractive. They have the experience and expertise in this field, which gives us a lot of confidence. They helped us out with their creativity and really think in possibilities." 

Lisa Maier

Creative Strategist, University of Amsterdam

"We worked hard on an interactive experience for the Amsterdam Science Park. We are extremely enthusiastic about the collaboration and the result. Intractive is super professional and skilled at what they do. Their modular technology is very impressive. We love how we can update the experience whenever we want.“

Sanne van Hees

Communication Manager, Amsterdam Science Park

"We started with one interactive content experience to test if it would suit our vitality programs. The result was amazing! Currently, we have a complete platform of interactive experiences that we deploy in all our programs."

Frans van Leeuwen

Co-founder, Energy Platform

And then there’s all these other features…

Detailed Analytics

Your analytics dashboard lets you track users, completely GDPR-proof. Use this data to improve your experiences. For higher impact and lower costs.

Advanced Gamification

Let users get rewards, score points and level up. Introduce ranking systems and create a mindset of constant achievement for full engagement and activation.

Personalize content

Create non-linear narratives and take your storytelling to the next level. Branch out your stories and segment your audiences. Filter out the people that really count.

AR  and VR Capabilities

Blend the digital and physical worlds with beautiful augmented reality and 360-degree interactive camera experiences. Show your world as it truly is and bring your stories to life.

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