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Make every experience unique with branching

Branching makes it possible to create tailor made experiences. Users can be directed to a different parts of an experience, based on the answer they give, interest, personal preference, and so on. 

The possibilities are endless and even 360 degrees branching is possible. Case in point: this mini-experience in which your journey through space is decided by the choices you make. →

Branch choice

Branch out as many times as you want or need.


Help users by showing only the content they want to see.

Virtual Reality

Harness the power of 360

Provide users with an immersive experience. Intractive allows you to upload any kind of 360 degrees images and videos and even add interactions. Provide a sneak preview of your work space or building, create a VR find-it game or come up with a whole creative application. 

For a bit of inspiration, divert your attention to the right –>

Communicate more

The ultimate example of ‘show, don’t tell’.

Combine forces

Use VR as a unique branching experience by allowing users to see information when clicking on their interest.

Augmented Reality

Create high-tech Augmented Reality experiences to woo the people that matter

Make your brand come to life with Augmented Reality. Literally. 

Augmented reality directly engages and provokes user interaction. Which is exactly what you can achieve with this feature when deploying it for employer branding, product branding or university branding purposes.

Curious what AR can do? Watch the video on the right.

Engage early

Get candidates involved in the earliest stages of their candidate journey.

Stand out

Distinguish yourself from the competition and wow your users at first sight.

3D models

Use 3D models to support your story in the most striking way possible

These beauties not only serve as absolute eye-catchers, they are also possibly one of the most creative ways to communicate with your audience.  3D models allow you to bring to life aspects of your brand or company. They are great for user interaction and the creative possibilities are endless.

Play around with the little spaceship to see for yourself. →

Get a creative head start on competitors

Communicate in a way that most of your competitors don’t.

Be the cool kid

Impress your users with unique 3D models.

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