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The 14 best software tools for interactive storytelling (2024)

Published on
October 20, 2023

Luuk Koedam


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We said it before and we’ll say it again. Keep saying it, most probably. People don’t buy products, they buy stories. But telling immersive stories in the digital age is a challenge.

For one, your audience has short attention spans and are used to flicking through to the next post the millisecond they get bored. But there are new ways to tell immersive, interactive stories. How? With the software tools we list below.

Immersive and interactive digital storytelling is here

The digital landscape has evolved, and with it, the art of storytelling. Gone are the days when a simple blog post or a static image could captivate an audience. 

Today's readers crave experiences; they want to dive deep into narratives, interact with characters, and shape the outcome of tales. 

This new form of storytelling isn't just a fad—it's the future. As technology advances, so does our ability to weave intricate, multi-layered stories that not only inform but also engage and inspire.

Tools that are helpful for interactive storytelling

The toolbox for the modern storyteller is brimming with innovative storytelling software. From platforms that allow for branching narratives to tools that bring stories to life with animations and interactive elements, there's something for every kind of storyteller.

Whether you're looking to craft an interactive e-book, design a game with a compelling narrative, or simply add a touch of interactivity to your website or ads with QR code experiences, there's a tool out there tailored for your needs. 

Embracing these tools is not just about keeping up with the times; it's about pushing the boundaries of what's possible in storytelling.

What to look out for when picking software tools for interactive storytelling

Choosing the right tool is crucial. But with so many options available, how do you decide? First and foremost, consider your story's needs. 

Is it a simple interactive article or a complex multimedia experience? Next, think about your audience. What platforms do they use? What kind of interactivity are they comfortable with? Also, don't forget about scalability and adaptability. 

As your storytelling evolves, you'll want software that can grow with you. Lastly, always prioritize user experience. A tool might have all the bells and whistles, but if it's not intuitive or if it doesn’t support the flow of your story, it might not be the right fit.

The 14 best software tools for interactive storytelling

We’ve come up with a list of the most innovative software tools that help you create immersive and interactive stories. Do you feel like we missed one? Feel free to get in touch and let us know. We might add them to the list.

And if there are any of these you’ve tried out, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Better yet, share the interactive experience you’ve created using the tool.

1. Intractive

Intractive (that’s us, by the way) is an interactive storytelling platform designed to replace traditional landing pages and engage millennials and Gen Z. The platform promotes higher user engagement, increased time spent, and improved conversion rates. 

It is suitable for various communication purposes, including recruitment, e-learning, and (product) branding.

Intractive offers features such as omnichannel marketing, website integration, AI integrations, detailed analytics, advanced gamification, personalized content, and AR & VR capabilities.

The platform allows users to create interactive stories and QR code experiences without the need for coding or studio experience.

To give you a better understanding of what Intractive does, visit this showcase page with a bunch of interactive stories or check out the product video below.

  • Website address:
  • Pricing: Starts from €249/mo for 2 creator seats
  • Target audience: Companies and brands targeting millennials and Gen Z, including sectors like recruitment, e-learning, and branding
  • Category: Interactive Storytelling Platform

2. Eko Studio

Eko Studio provides a platform for creating interactive films. It's a free online tool designed to produce premium interactive content. 

The platform is user-friendly, making it accessible for those without coding experience, but also offers customization options for those familiar with coding. Eko Studio features a drag-and-drop interface, allowing users to upload video files and create interactive connections and elements seamlessly.

Once a project is published, it can be viewed on various platforms, including websites and social media networks. A significant aspect of Eko Studio is its emphasis on delivering meaningful choices to viewers, ensuring that their decisions have tangible effects on the story and characters.

The platform stresses the importance of providing both immediate feedback and long-term payoff to viewers, reinforcing the value of their engagement with the content.

  • Website address:
  • Pricing: Free
  • Target audience: Content creators, filmmakers, and individuals or businesses looking to produce interactive films
  • Category: Interactive Film Creation Tool

3. Klynt

Klynt is a platform dedicated to interactive storytelling, allowing users to craft rich narratives using various media types. It offers mixed media editing capabilities, including texts, images, audios, videos, and hyperlinks. 

Users can manage unlimited story nodes and edit their storyboard visually, akin to a mind map. Klynt also provides the ability to integrate with the web, allowing users to mix YouTube videos, embed any web content, and engage with various social networks. 

Additionally, the platform supports geolocation of content and ensures that the final product is easily publishable, embeddable on any webpage, and compatible with tablet devices through a customizable HTML5 player.

Klynt's user community comprises creative professionals from prestigious NGOs, media portals, and training organizations. They utilize Klynt to explore new narrative formats, ranging from news reports and travel diaries to biopics and experimental content.

  • Website address:
  • Pricing: Pro edition starts at $499 (one-time fee), but they offer a 14-Day Free Trial
  • Target audience: Creative professionals, NGOs, media portals, training organizations, and individuals interested in interactive storytelling
  • Category: Interactive Storytelling Tool

4. Knight Lab

The Northwestern University Knight Lab is a collaborative community comprising designers, developers, students, and educators. Their primary focus is on experiments that aim to advance journalism into innovative realms. Additionally, this is more a collection of tools than one specific software platform.

The Lab offers an open environment for interdisciplinary exploration, fostering learning and innovation. They have developed a suite of storytelling tools known for their adaptability and user-friendliness.

Some of their most popular tools include TimelineJS, Juxtapose JS, Scene VR, Soundcite JS, Storyline JS, and StoryMap JS. Additionally, the Knight Lab Studio works at the intersection of storytelling, design, and technology, producing cutting-edge digital work and research.

The Lab also emphasizes the importance of community engagement, with students playing a pivotal role in making the Lab dynamic and innovative.

They also run the Local News Initiative, a research project aimed at fostering new approaches to local news, and the Device Lab, which provides a space for the Northwestern community to experiment with new storytelling technologies.

  • Website address:
  • Pricing: Free / open-source
  • Target audience: Journalists, educators, students, designers, developers, and anyone interested in innovative storytelling and journalism
  • Category: Media Innovation and Storytelling Tools

5. Vimeo Interactive Video

Vimeo's interactive video feature is a groundbreaking tool that allows creators to craft immersive video experiences. By embedding clickable hotspots and branching narratives, video creators can guide viewers through a personalized journey, enhancing engagement and retention.

With its advanced analytics, Vimeo provides insights into viewer choices, making it invaluable for marketers and educators. This feature transforms passive video consumption into an active, engaging experience, setting Vimeo apart in the digital storytelling landscape.

6. Inklewriter

Inklewriter is a distinctive platform focussing on written texts and designed to breathe life into interactive storytelling. With its intuitive interface, writers can craft intricate branching narratives, ensuring every choice made by the reader shapes the story's outcome. 

This level of interactivity brings a novel dimension to storytelling, making every reading experience unique. Whether you're a seasoned writer or a novice, Inklewriter's user-centric design ensures that crafting interactive tales is both enjoyable and straightforward.

7. Visme

Visme stands out as a comprehensive platform dedicated to visual content creation. With a plethora of design tools and templates at its disposal, Visme makes it effortless to create striking presentations, infographics, and other visual content. 

The platform's emphasis on collaboration ensures that teams can work cohesively, streamlining the content creation process. Whether crafting marketing presentations, educational content, or business reports, Visme guarantees that every piece is visually stunning and conveys its message effectively.

  • Website address:
  • Pricing: Free plan available, first paid plan starting at $29/mo
  • Target audience: Marketers, educators, businesses
  • Category: Visual content creation

8. Skyword

Skyword emerges as a comprehensive content marketing platform, aiming to elevate brand storytelling. By seamlessly connecting brands with a network of expert content creators, 

Skyword ensures the delivery of high-quality content tailored to resonate with the target audience. Beyond mere content creation, the platform offers robust tools for optimization and distribution, ensuring content not only captivates but also reaches its intended demographic.

For brands aiming to refine their content strategy, Skyword offers an all-encompassing solution.

  • Website address:
  • Pricing: Not explicitly mentioned
  • Target audience: Brands, marketers, content creators
  • Category: Content marketing

9. Moovly

Moovly is a versatile platform tailored for the creation of compelling video content. With its diverse set of tools, users can effortlessly craft animations, explainer videos, and multimedia presentations. 

The platform's adaptability ensures it caters to a myriad of content needs, from marketing campaigns to educational materials. Moovly's user-friendly interface simplifies the video creation process, ensuring that even those without prior experience can produce captivating content.

  • Website address:
  • Pricing: Free and Pay-as-you-go plans available, subscriptions start at $99/mo
  • Target audience: Marketers, educators, businesses
  • Category: Video creation and animation

10. Infogram

Infogram is a revolutionary platform dedicated to transforming the way data is visualized and presented. With its intuitive tools, users can craft interactive infographics that make data more accessible and engaging. 

Infogram goes beyond static charts, offering dynamic visuals that tell a compelling story. With a vast array of templates and design options, the platform ensures that every infographic is not only informative but also aesthetically pleasing, making data visualization a breeze.

  • Website address:
  • Pricing: Free plan available, paid plans start from $25/mo
  • Target audience: Data analysts, marketers, educators
  • Category: Data visualization

11. Uberflip

Uberflip is a cutting-edge platform designed to transform the B2B buying experience. By curating personalized microsites filled with dynamic content, Uberflip ensures every interaction is tailored to the user, fostering deeper engagement and driving conversions. 

The platform's strength lies in its ability to personalize content experiences, ensuring that every piece of content resonates with its intended audience. For B2B marketers aiming to enhance their content strategy, Uberflip provides a solution that seamlessly blends personalization with scalability.

  • Website address:
  • Pricing: Not mentioned (according to SaaSworthy it’s $15 per user per month)
  • Target audience: B2B marketers, sales teams
  • Category: Content experience

12. Storyboard That

Storyboard That is a digital canvas designed to bring visual storytelling to the forefront. With its extensive art library and intuitive design tools, users can craft detailed storyboards that vividly bring narratives to life.

The platform's versatility ensures it caters to a diverse audience, from educators crafting lesson plans to businesses planning video content. 

Beyond traditional storyboarding, Storyboard That offers tools for digital storytelling, video planning, and even graphic novel creation, making it an indispensable tool for visual communicators.

  • Website address:
  • Pricing: Starting at $9.99 for individual use and teachers (free trial available)
  • Target audience: Educators, businesses, individuals
  • Category: Storyboarding and visual storytelling

13. Storybird

Storybird stands as a beacon for budding writers, offering a platform where they can weave unique tales complemented by mesmerizing illustrations. 

By merging the realms of writing and art, Storybird provides a one-of-a-kind storytelling experience, ensuring every narrative is both engaging and visually captivating. 

The platform places a strong emphasis on art-inspired writing, allowing users to select from a vast collection of illustrations to accompany their tales.

For educators aiming to inspire young writers and for individuals seeking a creative outlet, Storybird offers a platform that nurtures both literary and artistic talents.

  • Website address:
  • Pricing: Basic plan is free, first paid plan starts at $4,99/mo
  • Target audience: Young writers, educators
  • Category: Digital storytelling

14. Shorthand

Shorthand is a content creator's dream come true, offering a platform where visually stunning content can be crafted with ease. Designed with modern content teams in mind, Shorthand ensures every piece of content is beautifully presented, regardless of the device it's viewed on. 

The platform's versatility ensures it meets the needs of media, marketing, and communication teams, allowing for the creation of digital magazines, feature stories, and comprehensive reports. 

With Shorthand, content is not only visually appealing but also effectively communicates its intended message, making it a must-have tool for modern content creators.

  • Website address:
  • Pricing: Cheapest plan is $99/mo but free up until 3 published stories
  • Target audience: Media, marketing, and communication teams
  • Category: Visual content creation

Try Intractive and create your first digital interactive story today

We hope you enjoyed this list of our selected best software tools for interactive storytelling. Like we said already: if there are tools or platforms we forgot, don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know, so we can add them to the list.

In the meantime, why don’t you try out Intractive’s interactive storytelling platform. We’re pretty sure you won’t be disappointed. Need a sneak peek at what kind of interactive stories you can create with Intractive? Visit our showcase page to check out earlier work by our users.

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