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How Xelvin created interactive content for employer branding

Xelvin is a secondment agency for jobs in engineering. Besides looking for the right technical professional to immediately match a vacancy, they themselves are also looking for new talent with the help of an interactive content experience.

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Xelvin is a secondment agency for jobs in engineering.

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Interactive content experience for Xelvin

Xelvin is a secondment agency for jobs in engineering. And Xelvin does this well. Besides looking for the right technical professional to immediately match a vacancy, they themselves are also looking for new talent, all the time. To reinforce their hiring practices, they were looking for ways to connect more people with the company in a unique way. An interactive experience offered the solution.

Intractive partnered with Xelvin to create one that perfectly conveys Xelvin's entrepreneurial spirit. In his article, we'll show you how that collaboration went and how the experience turned out.

Collaboration between Intractive & Xelvin

That Xelvin is an organisation that stands for professionalism became clear early on. We worked purposefully on this experience, which should above all radiate a sense of entrepreneurial spirit. Quite a few employees were keen to cooperate and, thanks in part to their commitment, the collaboration went smoothly.  

The result is one to be proud of. Xelvin now has a beautiful and powerful interactive content experience that conveys exactly what the company stands for: being focused, close-knit and idiosyncratic.

Purpose of the interactive experience

The purpose of the interactive experience was to lower the threshold for new staff to get in touch with Xelvin. In turn, this was meant to bolster their recruitment practices.

How this connects to the labour market

A very tight labour market means it's important to stand out and convey what you stand for as an organisation. What better way to stand out as a potential future employer than with an engaging interactive experience?

Creating something playful yet entrepreneurial

The challenge was to create an experience that was both playful but also conveyed Xelvin's entrepreneurial spirit well. We feel it turned out perfectly.

The result of the collaboration

Xelvin's interactive content experience consists of 22 scenes that together tell Xelvin's employer brand story. The scenes vary from videos to questions with virtual reality elements. A VR-branching scene also passes by and you start with a ticket that comes to life. A powerful experience with many innovative elements that creates a WOW effect for (potential) new employees. Below, we highlight some of the elements we used.

Business card that comes to life

You can start the experience in several different ways. For instance, it can be started in the usual way, with a QR code or link, but that's not the only option. To impress users straightaway, it was also possible to start the interactive content experience with a special business card. You scan this card with your smartphone and, using augmented reality, the card comes to life.

Xelvin AR card

Getting to know different employees

During the experience, you meet different employees of Xelvin. The user immediately feels connected to the company. Also, seeing different faces gives a good impression of possible new colleagues.

VR branching

Towards the end of the experience, you can choose a Xelvin employee to contact. In a 360-degree video, you see employees belonging to a particular company location. After clicking on a person, you can get in touch directly via WhatsApp. We call this choice in 360-degree VR branching.

Gamification to get people to take the interactive experience

To encourage proper adoption of the experience, Xelvin added a competitive element, too. Employees have to get as many people as possible to take the experience and the one who gets the most people to do it wins a nice prize.

At Xelvin, they also know that gamification works.

See for yourself, try the experience

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