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The Lekker Company

How Lekker engages in interactive product storytelling

When you have a product with a good story, you are only too happy to tell it. Preferably in a way that leaves a lasting impression. To convey The Lekker Company's story better, we created an interactive experience that takes you into their world and shows you the best way to use their products.

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The lekker approach to skincare is simple. Keep your skin healthy and happy by using natural and nourishing ingredients like organic coconut oil and shea butter. All the ingredients found in lekker products are carefully selected to create 100% vegan and cruelty-free formulations.

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Product branding for The Lekker Company

If you can't wait for the experience you can already check out their introduction video.

Collaboration Intractive & The Lekker Company

For our first product branding experience, we were looking for a company with a good story that simply had to be told in the best way possible. The Lekker Company was such a company. Lekker's customers are people who make conscious choices when buying products. They want to know how a company makes those products and what impact their choices have on the world. Intractive partnered with Lekker to address these needs in a unique, playful and interactive way.

Purpose of the experience

The purpose of the interactive content experience was to tell consumers the story behind The Lekker Company. In this way, they'd be able to connect better with the brand and become its loyal fans.

The Lekker story wasn't well-known enough yet

The Lekker Company makes natural products that are good for the environment, people and animals. But how exactly does this work? How are the products created and with the use of which ingredients? Answering these questions is very important to convince consumers to consider Lekker products.

The result of collaboration

The result of the collaboration is an interactive experience with multiple functionalities. Entirely in English, as The Lekker sells their products in multiple countries. The experience starts with a drop-down menu that gives consumers three options:

1. How to use Lekker
2. The world of Lekker (for the story)
3. Take me to the website (for direct contact)

The overall experience lasts between five and ten minutes. In this time, the consumer gets a good idea of the story, the products and the faces of Lekker. Curious about the entire interactive experience of The Lekker Company? Then start the experience.

We can't guarantee you won't make an impulse purchase of Lekker products when you're done.

How to use Lekker

The 'How to use Lekker' option leads consumers to an instructional video. Here, the founder of Lekker, Dewi, tells how best to use Lekker's products. The consumer clearly sees how the product works and immediately has an idea of the people behind Lekker. Like a user manual, but a lot more fun, interactive and engaging.

The world of Lekker

Behind the 'The world of Lekker' button, the experience takes consumers through the story of The Lekker Company. Again, you see founder Dewi, who shows where the company started and explains more about Lekker's products. Using videos in organic but vibrant colours, multiple-choice questions and 360-degree images, consumers discover the world of sustainability-focused Lekker. This creates a positive emotional connection with the Lekker brand and involves customers in its brand story.

Interactive content experience for engagement

Besides telling Lekker's story, the experience also serves as a means for consumers to quickly land on Lekker's website. At the beginning and at the end of the experience, the consumer is given the option to go to the site. At the end, the consumer is given the following three options for contacting Lekker: Follow us on Instagram, Share your love of Lekker (Trustpilot) and Visit the website.

In this way, the experience is used as a marketing tool where conversion is one of the goals.

See for yourself, try the experience

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