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Ministry of Defense

Recruiting civilian employees for Ministry of Defense with interactive storytelling

The Ministry of Defense and COMMIT understand better than anyone that standing out is vital in a tight labor market. Thus, the idea of pop-up stores with Augmented Reality posters at Dutch railway stations was born.

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COMMIT is the background organization that ensures that the Air Force, Army and Navy can ensure our safety. These so-called civilian employees do not work in uniform, do not have to undergo heavy training and are not deployed.

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Not just military personnel work for defense. We had never thought about that ourselves, and it turns out we're not alone in this.

That's exactly why COMMIT (Material and IT Command) engaged us: to introduce potential candidates to this branch of Defense in an innovative way.

Putting a spin on your career in an upside down pop-up store

The Ministry of Defense and COMMIT understand better than anyone that standing out is vital in a tight labor market. Thus, the idea of pop-up stores at Dutch railway stations was born. In 2023, one opened at Rotterdam Central Station. Marketing agency FJUZE devised an upside down world under the tagline "Give a twist to your career." A little Stranger Things but without the scary monsters. They called on us for the communication part of the pop-up. The result? Four interactive mini stories that come to life with Augmented Reality-whether in store on posters or out on the streets through postcards.

Want to see how it works? Then scan the poster of one of the mini stories below:

Starring: real people

An employee from IT, engineering, procurement and logistics played the lead role in the mini-experiences. Through their story and gamification elements such as questions, users find out if working in IT, engineering, procurement or logistics is for you. If the answer is yes, then at the end of the experience you will be directed to the vacancies for that specific department.

Collaboration gets a sequel

The action with the pop-up store in Rotterdam was a success and will have a sequel. But in a different form. We are currently working with COMMIT on a larger Employer branding experience that can be used at both pop-up store and events, but also on the website or other online channels.

Best start candidate journey

By letting people discover for themselves in a playful way what COMMIT stands for, we give them the best possible start of the candidate journey. Whether potential candidates are immediately enthusiastic or not, a lasting positive impression is guaranteed.

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